Database - Methodology

The MONITOR Database is a (meta-)database that offers detailed information on air transport relevant sources with regard to development statistics and analyses. Those deal on the one hand with air transport internal topics but cover on the other hand also relevant framework developments.

Due to IPR issues it was not possible to make many of these sources publicly available on this website. However, their content, accessibility and quality are in detail described by meta-data attributes what allows to estimate the value of each source with regard to different usages.

In this context, the MONITOR Database provides an overview of air transport relevant data sources with emphasis on long-term developments, which include the following categories:

These categories have been considered and selected by the project partners of MONITOR within the development process of the database, supported by an experts' survey and consulting of an Advisory Committee. As the database should serve as central information spot for air transport developments as well as it has its competence on the valuation of the data quantity and quality, several experts have worked on the description of each data set. A detailed description of the used attributes for characterizing the chosen data sources is as pdf-file available here. The document gives detailed information on the attributes the project partners had to consider during the data collection process.

This pre-work facilitated the process of building a valuable data and metadata repository which will continuously be updated and extended in the future. Intelligent search facilities which combine a free search with a facetted, attribute-steered search opportunity allow in this context to navigate quickly through the database site and gain the needed search results in the most efficient manner.

In order to develop the MONITOR Database further, we appreciate your feedback. If you are disposed to give inputs for the MONITOR Database or have suggestions for improvements, please feel free to contact us.